Saturday, July 17, 2010

New BISC MP wants the beer tie to go

Ken. There is nothing verbose and flowery about my post; verbose and flowery, now you mention it, evidently is YOUR speciality. My arguments are those of someone who has worked strenuously for a decade and a half to establish a competent working relationship with pubcos and have experienced only intransigence and stubborn denial of financial reality on their side. There is no 'working together' at any level. I work; they take. It's a one way street. The result of this experience forces my position: which is that of someone with their back against the wall prepared to stand my ground for my rights as an individual against a corporation whose contract has always been interpreted by them one way in their favour. I have nothing to lose by participating in this discussion and trying to stimulate change whereas you, evidently find yourself having something to lose when that change actually comes into place.

Your argument that it's tenants responsibility to make proposals to Landlords who are not prepared to negotiate one jot is laughable fairy tale. If workable proposals were made by pubcos they would be applauded and taken up immediately by tenants eager to work with their landlords wherever mutually beneficial. Pubcos do not make workable proposals they just talk about codes of practice which change nothing. Your idea that pubcos will listen to individuals at any level is ridiculous; tenants are not in a position to take responsibility for the operation of their pubco. What they can do is tell the pubco the contract doesn't work and it must be changed or else both will suffer. But pubcos don't do 'suffer' it's the tenants' job to suffer: all the financial input; all the risk; all the work while paying the pubco for the right to take all that on.

It is NOT the tenants' responsibility to tell pubcos how to make the pubco's business work; it's the pubcos. A structured plan for recovery of the industry they have ruined can only come from pubcos, not the customers whose lives they have devastated. Pubcos have dedicated administrative teams, retained legal advisors, company cars, expense accounts, pensions, holidays and weekends off; they have TIME. Oh, and they have money. Lot's of it. Ours. Tenants don't but you expect the tenants to come up with the solution? Have you been talking to Ted Tuppen?

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