Monday, June 21, 2010

Punch re-organises leased division

Patrick please tell me what you mean by this?: 'If you deal with them and don't want to you have choices'

We ARE focused on running our own businesses Patrick, posting here is a hobby. Punch however, like all the other major suspects, likes to interfere in our businesses by trying to double the rent every five years and by selling us products at ludicrous prices which mean we cannot make a decent living profit for working ninety hours a week. In addition, pubcos prove again and again they are not capable of organising a pissup in a brewery. They make ALL their money out of US Patrick. Because of these simple facts I'm proud to be negative about all pubcos until someone proves me wrong. I've an inkling one in Manchester is OK - Holts - but this is heresay.

What's your angle then? Just had a quick look at your nine postings and see you wonder what J Dodds does for a living. Well I 'own' (essentially I am a bonded slave) a pub called The Sun and Doves in south east London - but not for a living really, the business cannot afford to pay me, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to run a business Patrick. I've been doing that here for fifteen years. For six years before that I designed and built gardens for a living, where I was deputy editor of the Journal of Garden Design, and built gardens for Geoff Hamilton and John Brookes... Before that I worked in high end West End restaurants and ran a central London nightclub for three years. In May 2008 I set up the Fair Pint Campaign with like minded beleaguered tied lessees; in 2003 with a grant from UnLtd I established a community forum for the woefully beleaguered area my pub is in called SE5 Forum for Camberwell. And YES, as you are thinking 'he doesn't know what he's talking about', I do believe I could give mr Dyson a run for his money.

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