Monday, June 21, 2010

Dixon: set up BII arm for tenants

The cost of the tie is that the majority of pubs are paying twice the amount for their beer than they should be which in turn means that the majority of pubs cannot charge a living retail margin and are closing down and consumers pay more than they should be for their beer.

Who are the beneficiaries of this ridiculous situation? Pubco boards of directors and the people and corporations from whom they borrowed the funds they needed to set up their Ponzi scheme businesses.

What does this add up to as far as Phil Dixon is concerned?

It leads to 'Fair Pint' pointing out the bleeding obvious in an industry where ALL key players dress in pompous finery to match the Emperor's New Clothes pontificating about the tie having been in place for hundreds of years as justification for allowing beer to be charged at double the rate it should be on top of already pipsqueakingly high rents.

The tie is a license for pubcos to print money at EVERYONE else's expense.

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