Monday, June 21, 2010

Marston's free-of-tie option goes live in July

YES Ken. The whole of the pub industry is mashed by the unfettered and utterly irresponsible manner the pubcos have churned the stock of the nation's pubs with their lackadaisical view of quality, sustainability or customer value at any level. Pubcos are not about PUBS or BEER they

are about MONEY, SHAREHOLDER and DEBT, the prototype pubcos managed to make so much money through behaving so badly they even got REAL BREWERS to follow suit, sell their breweries and change their estates from managed into tied.

It's all a crock of nonsense Ken. Your perennial denial of the pubcos' collective responsibility for the state this industry is in through their massive, widespread concerted abuse of the tie which in effect makes them act as a kartel is shameful.

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