Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RE: Gordon Ramsay closes Devonshire pub

Author: J Mark Dodds

Comment Date: 29/06/2010 09:47:00

A few things here: I seem to recall Enterprise using letting this pub to Ramsay's bunch as evidence that the tie is an attractive option sort of 'if it's OK for Gordon it should be OK for you lot of whingeing losers'. Do I remember correctly that the low cost investment entry into the pub business in this instance was around £1million? Gordon Ramsay mentioned somewehere in various publications that the wages split on a food led operation ought to be around 33% of turnover. Ridiculous, we all know that according to pubco law it should be about 20%-22% errr, with the rest run off the books. The spokesperson for GRH (who seems to be a woman as well as a person) appears to blame the failure of the pub market on the demise of the Dev. Nothing to do with none of it stacking up at the Dev of course. This industry is a charade.

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