Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Market ahead of politicians

There is a simple argument which sounds quite reasonable, loads of people use it, even lots of people with influence who should know better. It's 'the tie can work if managed responsibly' tack. It's always said with a big FULL STOP at the end, as if its logic is unassailable. Very Well, the equally simple answer is: 'the tie isn't managed responsibly; it doesn't work'.

The only thing guaranteed to remove abuse of the tie is legislation; to remove it forever.

Use of the above argument is a clear indicator of ossified thinking. It is completely illogical as it is so transparently never managed responsibly on a wide enough scale to justify its continuance.

Custodians of the tie have proven again and again, over decades, that they cannot be trusted NOT to abuse it as long as it stands.

People who use this argument, and you know who you are, should think more carefully before pontificating from such flaky ground.

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