Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jamie Oliver: McDonalds puts gastropubs to shame

Ken thank you for pointing that out.

I know very well the last thing pubcos do is operate a franchise - I was making the comparison because Ted, "The British pub is the best unbranded franchise in the world", Tuppen - and others in the pubco game - have used the term 'franchise' to describe their way of doing things to great effect in getting themselves off many different nasty looming legislative hooks.

This is NOT a good, or in any way accurate, comparison for pubcos to be bandying around. In FACT a lot of the pubcos together were pumping out the franchise propaganda all over a website offering advice about getting into the pub trade, which on the face of it looked as if it was an entirely independent affair but turned out to be funded entirely by pubcos. Fair Pint put them in touch with The British Franchise Association which soon got every reference to pubcos being franchises removed from the site (I can't find the site now maybe it was binned as well).

Several very influential politicians have told me face to face 'the tie is fit for purpose, it operates rather like a franchise' blah blah blah before being put straight in no uncertain terms.

I wonder where they got that misinformation from?

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