Monday, April 26, 2010

Jamie Oliver: McDonalds puts gastropubs to shame

Right on Ken. Jamie Oliver didn't say anything controversial at all. He's right.

Like it or not McDonald's overall standards are set to 'admirably very high' which is why it is a very successful corporation. Following Morgan Spurlock's 2004 film Super Size Me and other awful press, which led to a nett CLOSING of McDonald's stores worldwide for the first time since the first store opened in 1955, McDonald's woke up, changed menus, their work cycle, their sourcing, their decor and much more. They did a complete top to bottom review and CHANGED a lot of what they do. And it has worked.

McDonald's stores have been outperforming the general catering market magnificently in the last year.

McDonald's operate a true franchise and this is reflected in the success of the whole top to bottom turnaround. Pubcos do not operate anything like a genuine franchise and this is reflected in the top to bottom slump in the tied sector of the pub industry.

If all gastro pubs were as spot on the detail of their back of house as Mc's this would be a different country and we'd have a thriving pub sector.

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