Saturday, May 01, 2010

Taybarns rollout on hold

There's something deeply wrong with me, I thought Berni Inns were rubbish even when I was a child. Maybe a vegetarian mother helped instil some revulsion and suspicion in me toward anything that's piled high and sold cheap... on the other hand I do like a bargain, like Lidl unsalted butter or their Italian olive oil. The idea of Taybarns and their concept siblings absolutely freak me out. I am prepared to try them just to test if my feelings are prejudices or rational. I've not been to many but I've shuddered at what I've seen so far.

On the quality versus the right price note see Heston Blumenthal's thoughts about doing a steak restaurant at his new place in Bray: "I might do a steak bar, but good meat is so expensive, I don’t know if the prices would be right."

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