Sunday, March 07, 2010

RE: Luff: pubcos not off the hook

In principle paul you are spot on. MPs are lambasted unfairly. I'd accuse pubcos perhaps not of stealing but of misrepresentation, deception and, certainly, harassment. I think these are all provable at base but very problematic to prove in day to day reality because of lack of funds to pay for the essential research needed to bring the compelling evidence together. I read about a harassment case involving British Gas and all the key elements which led to them being fingered are applicable to my situation with my pubco.

Incidentally I was invoiced last week for £63K back rent without anyone so much as picking up a phone to say 'watch out' for a big one. I'm sure, because I'm a generous soul, that no one meant it to happen that way (even thought it's happened three times already? that no one at senior management level knows this kind of thing goes on, spurred on by the engine of the pubco - the credit control department - but when they DO get wind of it the story is always that the tenant wasn't communicating, playing ball, was getting behind on payments anyway whatever concoctions to make CCD seem innocent when actually they are the core difficulty in business cultures that don't know what their aresessees are doing from their eloboweses.

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