Tuesday, March 02, 2010

RE: Haslam takes on fourth Enterprise pub

From what can be gathered generally about this type of pub at a wild guess the FMT rent on this this would normally be around £57K if it still had a lessee in it and the lessee would be struggling to keep the business open, trading at or around bankrupt.

What makes this pub different now? TMA for two years?

What was the rent before the last lessee abandoned it? £30K? £40K? £50K? £60K? £70K? What happened to the last lessee? COP rent review maybe? etc etc etc blah blah blah. Come on MA find out.

Interesting a little pub on a TMA should get into the press when Steve Haslam takes it on. Sounds all very benign doesn't it? £10K a year rent, increasing turnover from £4K to £10K a week in two months after £50K 'joint' investment for 'curb appeal'?

'Joint' investment? ON a TMA? Who does 'joint' investment on a TMA? No one, that's who - NO-ONE.

'Curb appeal'. Sounds like soliciting for trade. Couldn't imagine two better suited bed partners really.

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