Saturday, February 27, 2010

RE: Charles Wells' hosts say business support is improving

Don't give me that nonsense. If you've been following these fora for a long time you'd expect to be treated with suspicion especially when you come out with a couplr of vague introductory posts like your intitial missives.

If you're a serious poster here - which is hardly likely given your few postings - and you have to see how it's hard to imagine you, as a brewer, one of the larger ones, popping up out of the blue on the little old MA forum, being a genuine poster with insight and knowledge when if you are who you say you should have been talking turkey before TISC BESC AND BISC instead of staying SCHTUMM, hiding behind the pubcos. That's no way to do business anytime.

You're the one who's being odd:

"Karl" I 'am' one of the brewers. One of the larger ones, without an estate. Have quite a large say in many of our procurement decisions.'

If you are genuine, you have my sympathy, and I understand a bit more about why this industry is knackered. And you're fishing around here inappropriately get in touch with the real issues formally through IPC or Fair Pint or, if you are who you say you are, pick up the 'phone and speak to Gerry Sutcliffe and John Healey and put some pressure on them directly.

"Feel free to message me. I do not wish to get involved in the shenanigans in here."

Well then if you don't want to get involved why did you start posting? You really ARE a brewer aren't you!


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