Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pubs Minister snubs pub trade meet

Given the meeting included BBPA; and Punch; and Enterprise, Healey likely thought there was no point attending anyway. He wouldn't want to hear a seamless front wailing for more concessions on rates; duty; government assistance with training; grants for rural, community, urban, city centre, destination and Tom Cobley pubs up and down the UK. What else might there be from that lot? Tax breaks for pub owning wholesalers who don't make beer maybe? You know, because they have yachts to maintain in the Mediterranean and the climate change levy on first class trans Atlantic flights makes going to see the bondholders ever so pricey... and the school fees. You know, all the things that make a top executive's life soooooo stressful.

ON the other side there might have been a bit of the 'has anyone thought about Competition Commission intervention?' peeping out from the corner of the room.

Basically nothing Healey couldn't predict having been in post a couple of weeks, asked around and done his research well. No point in his being there. Except for the sake of being polite.

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