Friday, March 05, 2010

RE: Enterprise Inns slams 'sinister' GMB activity

Matthew your post up there is all over the place.

This business model hasn't suddenly failed - it's been failing for twenty years. This business model has been putting people out of business since it was invented at the end of the 1980's. It's proving how weak a 'model' it is now because it's successfully put so many of its lessees out of business - no training, no support, no partnership, that word's got round and there's not enough new people coming into the industry to keep the churn creating thick butter for the pubcos' bread.

This business model always had 'success' - i.e. big profits reported at the top end - because it's designed to take all the profit at every level below the top. Lessees who succeed are those who far over trade their premises and the pubco have not caught up with. Some donlt get totally screwed because they have a back lapping relationship with a regional director but by and large; you make profit; they want it; they go for it all. All the time.

You say that government is 'our' greatest enemy. You are comprehensively wrong. Government doesn't get it right by any means but how could it? It's been advised by pubcos for twenty years and any other murmurings were from organisations that were in the pubcos and the BBPAs pockets. Government certainly isn't our greatest enemy. I know who's taking ALL my profit - my pubco. You expect government to give us all free holidays to compensate? NO. I'm not whinging, just trotting out what the case is.

Draw your focus a bit closer home. Why on earth are lessees not satisfied with their freeholder relationships? Because they never ask their pubco for help? Because they get support/advice/partnership from them?

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J Mark Dodds 06/03/2010 00:33:22

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RE: Enterprise Inns slams 'sinister' GMB activity

NO. They are not satisfied because they get NOTHING from their pubco. Not even regular visits by the BDM and, by and large, when they DO get a BDM turn up they are either a chocolate teapot; a thick, self obsessed small town bully; or a dreadful blend of the two. Pubcos by and large DO NOT help their lessees.

See TISC BESC and BISC for some light reading Matthew. But then I suppose from your tone that you will never believe all that tax payer money spent on looking into this industry is going to throw up anything of value - since it's our worst enemy - the government - that's writing up the reports about the cheeky, cuddly little old pubcos.

Get off it man. Open your mind and eyes, look around you.

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