Friday, March 05, 2010

Ironic isn't it that the huffing and puffing coming as usual from Simon 'It's My Tuck Shop' Townsend when he pokes his head out of Tuppen Towers always sees OTHER people as the big bad wolf? Perhaps Simon 'Little Red Riding Hood' Townsend might better suit.

Enterprise, like some grumpy cartoon character from a latter day Dandy, are always 'slamming' or 'attacking' some 'inconsequential', irrelevant' or 'unrepresentative' group or individual or another - always people who question the validity of the tie or the various pubcos well publicised unsustainable shoddy business practices.

Funny those particular words should be uttered: 'deeply disturbing and seriously irresponsible' since that's what many industry observers would say is an apt description of many pubcos business model.

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