Sunday, March 21, 2010

Healey: beer tie action applies to all

Ahem. Simple Simon's 'pieman' as you are... I certainly will NOT moderate myself in response to your deliberate sabotage of this forum. You do not 'offer different opinion' you obfuscate and divert by taking contrary positions on anything even remotely questioning the tie's validity and supply mechanisms. That stinks of a plant.

The tie is discredited as are all the pubcos, the BBPA and this industry that has enabled the tie to thrive feeding huge easy profit into big companies at the expense of thousands of individual small businesses losing their shirt. Yet you defend the status quo by sketching scenarios suggesting doom and damnation for all little people when the status quo ends. Your posting history and all your other guises support the abused edifice that has destroyed the pub industry.

I spend time here because I care about what's happened to this industry. I care about me and my livelihood, I care about my family I struggle to provide for, I care about my customers, I care about all the other tied lessees who are being ripped off rotten out there. I'm a lessee with a lot of experience in the catering trade. I'm a real person, I work in a pub, I employ people, I have experienced all the indignities of the tie and barely survived.

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J Mark Dodds 22/03/2010 01:13:55

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Healey: beer tie action applies to all

This experience led me to work towards effecting change in this stupid anachronistic, mediaeval system that is allowed to exist in law for no good reason other than to maintain a status quo that should have been dismissed forty years ago.

I, along with professional friends and colleagues similarly disabused by their experience of the tie, got together and made change happen to the benefit of everyone. Anyone can find me, and my business, just by doing a search on my name. That is my qualification for posting here.

You spend a LOT more time here than anyone else as an invisible, anonymous disruptor of all topics. That does not qualify you to take part the way you do. It also suggests you are paid to do it. Either that or you are obsessive compulsive and in need of psychiatric help and support which would involve your ceasing to use a computer for a considerable time.

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