Monday, March 22, 2010

Healey: beer tie action applies to all

It's not complicated 'Heaven'; 'your' being for or against the tie is irrelevant; 'your' purpose is to post anything that diverts attention from the serious shockwaves that are battering the tied pub industry. This is observation pure and simple not imagined conspiracy.

The tie is about to be legislated out of existence, two decades late but nevertheless it is going.

Pubcos objectives are short sighted and their financial motivation is amoral. The tie is under serious threat. These companies' highly profitable existence depends on the continuance of the tie and in some cases No Tie = No Company. It is not in these companies' interest to have a body of clear opinion build up against the continuance of the tie. Especially among the restless natives who are these companies' bread and butter. It is in these companies' interest to have cogent linear discussion, and critique of their activities, continually broken up on a forum like this.

Your presence fits that scenario. Your posts fragment issues on whatever thread 'you' post. 'You' do not have a natural interest in this industry the way most participants do here. 'You' are here to cause trouble. This is deduction pure and simple not imagined conspiracy... 'Simple Simon's pieman'

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