Friday, March 19, 2010

Enterprise welcomes Healey's report and calls for duty cut

HA! You say Paul Maloney understands little about Capitalism? Paul and his colleagues know Capitalism inside out you academic dunderhead. That post shows how little you understand anything to do with the practical sides of commerce and how little you understand about the pub sector you aspire to preside over and comment on.

Standing on the sidelines talking nonsense evidently gives you no qualifications for anything constructive. Get on a bar, serve customers, carry five plates, take in the dray at five in the morning, cash up at 1am and get the paye, NI, vat P11's P60's, do breakfast from 7.30am and make sure the change order's in before 11am along with the stock takes, the ordering and the cleaning done and you might begin to understand some element of what you're pontificating about.

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