Friday, March 19, 2010

RE: BBPA 'determined' to make code work

Being 'determined' to make codes work will get BBPA, pubcos and tied lessees precisely NOWHERE.

Pubcos are like a herd of pigs in a grassy field littered with toughs filled with small crunchy, juicy turnips. The pigs are free to roam around grazing, munching the turnips, rubbing up to each other, fighting, messing around, doing whatever they like.

To these pigs, codes of practice are about as attractive as a mouldy old swede lying in mud and straw in a stout metal fenced pen on the way to the slaughterhouse.

The only way to get the pigs to even look at the swede is to pull their snouts out of the troughs, push them around, slap their backsides and beat them into moving toward the pen. Those pigs are heavy. They are stubborn. Even when they are in the pen and getting hungry it's unlikely they'll bite on that swede.

Being determined means nothing. What is needed is CHANGE.

Pubcos don't need codes of practice. Pubcos need to change the way they do business. To change the way they do business pubcos need to have an understanding of OPERATION. and they are not capable of that.

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