Monday, March 08, 2010

Enterprise Inns slams 'sinister' GMB activity

Doing things, 'Rawlings', is not pathetic. You are not doing anything other than scaremongering. You pose as an individual with more intellectual, moral and legal authority than GMB, their legal teams, and most of the posters on this forum put together.

Pointing out that you're acting as the wraith of doom by trying to convince people they are being led as sacrificial lambs to the pubco slaughter is not abusive it's just observation. Using the word 'pathetic', as in 'miserably and contemptibly inadequate', is not meant as abuse either. It's just, as you take stand rigid in your unconvincing position, a description of your efficacy.

This issue has been argued perfectly well by others here. Tony Preston patiently and eloquently argued the points above which others have perhaps not expressed so clearly. But there you are still plowing a mean little furrow saying 'you're all wrong' you're all doomed'. You are deliberately missing the point others make so you can continue attempting to fulfil a weird scenario of keeping people sceptical of taking action and scared of adopting a united front against widespread highly abusive business practices that have no place in modern society.

It's usually described as dividing to conquer. Why are you doing that? Got a pubco shilling going on somewhere?

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