Saturday, March 13, 2010

City Diary — 11 March

What a marvellous irony from Neame.

The You and Yours edition he's referring to was a cosy fireside chat with Andrew Pring and Mike Bell where Mike was pointing out that the tie is killing pubs. Jonathan and Andrew were rubbing up to each other and saying once the dead wood fell out of the pub world everything would be rosy.

It was on February 8 2008 and is the precise moment that created the initial spark which ignited Fair Pint's flame

more confusion about the what when where and how on fairpint.

maybe now we just have the afterbirth.

This post replies to J Mark Dodds > City Diary — 11 March

Predictably your terse ignorance proves you have no idea about anything to do with Fair Pint or anything else constructive to do with working toward the cessation of the tie.

There is no confusion about my knowledge of Fair Pint. I was there and you were... where? You're not even posting as an identifiable person while you spout speculation and rubbish, as do several other one star wonders who are likely to be 'you' too.

The idea for Fair Pint was triggered by that very You and Yours programme which inspired the people who set up the campaign to come together and do something instead of talking about it. Mike Bell was there at the programme being sidelined as a lessee by Neame and Pring who dismissed everything Bell had to say about experienced 'successful' tied operators going to the wall as well as those who were wet behind the ears. Mike and I spoke about this issue the next day and that afternoon began pulling together the people who became Fair Pint.

If Jonathan Neame had not been pontificating such trite ignorant nonsense about the industry for which he stood as ambassador on a national broadcast programme it may never have come together. His casual dismissal of thousands of individual operators more or less needing to be culled by market forces was like pouring lighter fuel on a smouldering ember.

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