Monday, March 22, 2010

Beer flow monitoring company Brulines is to seek clarification over what other protocols it must follow in regard to calibration of equipment. or.. the Not So Sleeping Policeman.

Brulines seeks Weights & Measures clarification

JohnD I think you'll find the move to make this equipment unsuitable for use in trade is well under way. The sticking point till now is the term 'in trade' the pubcos and Brulines argue that it is NOT for use 'in trade'.

Unfortunately Politics does not work very well here. That's Labour is anti small business and pro big business. That's government for you JohnD. That's what governments have been like for a loooooooong time. Like since before the flowering of Parliamentary Democracy. We never had a revolution. It's short sighted but a symptom of a society governed by class. Law, government, legislative machinery, policy, everything is set up to protect privilege. Breaking this edifice down requires effective and compelling lobbying. Lobbying provides all the information to government and this is done most often and most vociferously by big business - they can afford it no one else can - like BBPA lobbying on behalf of pubcos against thousands and thousands of individual small businesses in the pub sector not effectively representative by anyone. Well not lobbied for effectively by anyone until Fair Pint came along. Fair Pint lobbied carefully, patiently, courteously and effectively for the right of individual tenant voices to be heard, taken notice of, and acted on.

I will vote Labour but I'd rather vote for a coalition of Labour and Lib Dems and to marginalise Conservatives out of existence. Having said that, I know some very effective Conservative politicians whose actions speak louder than words who have produced results for the 'common man' which any Labour or Lib Dem would be proud to have claimed as their own achievement.

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