Monday, March 22, 2010

Tories: Labour has gutted community pubs

Not forgetting anything sido. Just have an understanding that pubs would have fared no better under any other party except Lib Dems, or UKIP god forbid, and neither is in the running because our democracy is imperfect.

I supported the fundamental reasons for the smoking ban's introduction and still do. I think it would have been sensible to allow smoking in pubs where there was a clear demand from customers and no objections from the employees. That is not what happened, that is not going to be reversed, that's the way it is.

What thousands lost in machine income as a direct result of the ban? I missed that, maybe someone other than my pubco was robbing me blind before and I never knew it.

You can hardly say Labour failed to deliver after Healey published the other day. Maybe you didn't read it? You noticed the barrage of silence from the pubcos? Got any idea why the only damp squib is from Enterprise struggling to welcome the paper? Do you get it AT ALL sido? Bob does. Ted and Giles do. Rooney and Willie do. I do. My colleagues at Fair Pint get it sido.

That paper is a watershed in pub history and you don't get it one bit.

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