Monday, March 22, 2010

Brulines seeks Weights & Measures clarification

This is a rather odd bit of news isn't it? Why do Brulines want to draw attention to their biggest weakness? A weakness that has not been tested anywhere other than on tied lessees' nerve to be waiting it out against their pubco on the steps of a court house...

Maybe Brlulines hopes to make people think there must be some deep inner confidence underlying their approaches to Weights & Measures. You know - like 'we are working closely with S&M on calibration issues blah blah blah' sounds rather like they all agree the equipment works, it's just how to tweak it to get the best results that is in question.

Well. Not it's really like that, as everyone at Brulines and everyone at W&M know already. The only clarification Brulines is going to get from W&M is that the equipment does not meet W&M requirements for in trade use.

"Brulines equipment does not work accurately and reliably enough to be W&M stamped for in trade use". There. Is that clear enough?

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