Thursday, February 25, 2010

Only way to settle beer tie debate is regulation

The debate is meant to go round in circles Robert - that much at least suits BBPA and the pubcos - as long as it goes around so nothing much will change. If the debate had moved on substantially at any time in the past twenty years the tie would have become part of history a long time ago.

Simon Clarke's view is well stated in regards the tie and what must happen. Most people concur - other than the odd kevin with the mystery position and a few other marginal oddballs - throwing googlies in every now and then to break it up.

Behind the scenes the argument is not going round in circles. It's focused strongly on comprehensive abuse of the tie being the source of the outbreak of widespread disease in this industry.

A few fairly powerful corporate bullies have been getting everything their way for twenty years. Their gravy train hit the buffers a couple of years ago, they're being shunted into the sidings and they know it. They just can't get their heads around it. How CAN this be happening?

This is why a meeting has been called without Fair Pint on the guest list. When Fair Pint attends meetings business that reflects the interests of individual leaseholders and licensees gets done. When Fair Pint's not around the pubcos feel they can start to get their railroads back into place.

Their time has come. Carpe Diem.

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