Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pubco disposals help to stabilise prices

Mumbo Jumbo from estate agents as always.

People forget the story line that tied pubs are robust, because of the support they get through their pubco owners, and do not come onto the market often. Yes that's it. The most business failures, sold off, not viable and boarded up pubs are in the free of tie sector.

Except when all those non existent failed, broken, dilapidated wrecks from the tied side come out in tranches, when their being sold in huge numbers actually INCREASES (?) the price pubs are selling at. It's win win trebles all round in the topsy turvy world of up selling pubs.

Hang on...

A market gets flooded with shoddy worn out goods. That's called a BUYERS' market isn't it? And the values GO UP?

They must have been trained at the pubco school of economics. That would explain it - where beer flows up hill and ties. I mean TIDES, retreat when a certain shy and retiring (soon to be) pubco CEO says 'STOP'.

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