Sunday, February 07, 2010

BBPA: OFT's beer tie report was robust

Oh come on Sam, you know it's a no brainer.

To state that BBPA does not represent the views of anyone other than the pubcos, and to a far lesser extent the giga brewers, is not a technical exercise needing to be underpinned by a comprehensive survey - it's a matter of stultifyingly simple deduction.

BBPA has no contact with individual lessees whatsoever. BBPA IMPLY they represent the majority of pubs but in fact represent only the corporations that own the bricks and mortar - and that is it. Very dull. No depth whatsoever. They do not represent the views of anyone other than their paymasters.

Every last penny of BBPA's income comes from large pub owning companies, non of whom has any interest in representing the interests of individual lessees, non of whom has any formal method of collating opinion, information or guidance for the direction of their businesses from their lessees.

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