Sunday, February 07, 2010

Licensees urged to be Keg Aware

Ahem, Sam, Karl is not stuck in the past at all. Far from 'his kind of thinking' being a blight on the industry it's the other way round. The pub industry is blighted by ossified practices which revolve around the cosy way it's been operated historically. Pubcos got in there twenty years ago and halted, and accelerated into reverse, any kind of progress which might have come out of the naively good intentions of the Beer Orders.

Karl is a successful businessman with a lot of experience at the top of various areas of commercial activity who's not lost the wherewithal of being down to earth, objective and rational about what he sees in front of him. He's a relative newcomer to the tied side of this industry - and his introduction to being a tied pub operator on top of being an already accomplished free trader is what informed him to become one of the most clear sighted and highly critical players in the business. And his introduction to the tied side of the tracks was more by chance than design - he acquired a core interest in a 'highly successful' tied venue through coincidence and was stunned to see what has been going on quietly under the stone of the pernicious and outmoded tie without anyone on the outside noticing for decades.

This industry needs far more people thinking as Karl does before it can become fit for purpose and adequately meet contemporary society's expectations and needs.

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J Mark Dodds 07/02/2010 20:39:27

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Licensees urged to be Keg Aware

Because of the way this industry has been managed there is little will for anyone to care about standards, to value property, to look after the wheels and cogs of how the business works, to maintain anything of real value about service, delivery and quality at any level. The logistics of moving beer around within this industry have been treated as an irritating side issue which gets in the way of the smooth syphoning of cash from every level into the pockets of shareholders, bondholders and boards of directors and their salaried henchmen and women who police the tie to the extent that there is an army of highly experienced draymen out there who hate the system they work in, hold the pubcos in utter contempt, and have little reason to give a damn about making sure kegs are their responsibility - or anyone elses.

A keg deposit scheme is not needed, just better use of human resources, respect for the individual as well as for profit, and careful implementation of modern logistics management.

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