Sunday, February 07, 2010

Simple and well put Gilbert. And is why it beggars belief that OFT et al stand by and allow this unregulated, unsupervised playground to continue.

Of course proposing such common sense measures to provide clarity between freeholder and prospective tenant, sorry I meant 'franchisee', in this ridiculously hick backwoods industry would be regarded as an outrageous breach of normal practices tantamount to exposing oneself bare ass naked in Trafalgar Square... "Cannot be done, business confidentiality clauses... sheer personal embarrassment, official secrets act, our private integrity in tatters; poisonous monkeys in the bushes..." etc etc.

Of course YOUR landlord is one of the few in the country that operates a supportive beer tie with credible reciprocal support from its lessees. They are being tarred with the same brush as the bullies in the playground. Why not suggest to your freeholders that they break ranks from the plc pink collars and cuffs and present some evidence to the OFT over the course of the next six weeks?

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