Sunday, January 10, 2010

Steve, conservatively Enterprise has spent £100K on the George Canning since you were forced out by over rent and sky high beer prices. It's now a lifeless, soulless and pointless pub. NO atmosphere, character, personality or customers. It's being run by a management company and opens from early morning for breakfast through to late evening. It's always EMPTY. Given the opportunity for a wager with Ted I'd bet it's taking a LOT less following all that Enterprise TLC than it did when you had it.

Now they've spent a fortune on it, it's COSTING Enterprise to have this pub. ow it's LOSING money when before it was at least making a profit for them, if not you.

What does this prove? There is no satisfaction in this because we've known it for a long time but it proves that Pubcos are not operators and that Pubcos can't organise pissups in breweries. Pubcos depend on lessees for EVERYTHING. Because pubcos have not invested in their estates or their lessees, ever, pubcos are on the way out. They did it themselves and have only themselves to blame. It's the collateral damage they created along the way that is the real tragedy.

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