Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Oh Colin Matlock, sage of the forums, Happy New Year. Well Christopher, since you know so much about everything to do with pubs, pubcos and beer, why don’t you just tell us all what YOOUR solution is for this industry? Why not do that instead of pontificating like a neutered billy goat your fantasies about Fair Pint’s efficacy, motivations and funding. Put simply, Fair Pint has achieved more movement in shoving the debate forward on what is happening to this industry than anyone else – ever – for heaven’s sake where do you think CAMRA got their recent grip on reality from – YOU? Ha! Hardly Christopher - while you just keep winding yourself up to sound like a Monty Python monologue shuffling off this mortal coil.

Fair Pint NEEDS money just like any other body. Do you think everything in the world that's honorable comes free? You are incredibly naive.

J Mark Dodds

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