Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CAMRA calls for help with beer-tie challenge

Oh luvvy 'Colin Matlock' the forum sage. What do you know? CAMRA's position is solid. OFT failed utterly in their duty to the public by not regarding the impact of pubcos on retail prices. OFT received the supercomplaint, which raised serious issues about pubco activities, and went to the pubcos and asked: 'are you really as nasty as they say?'. The pubcos answered: 'Why no, we're not, we're really really worried about our tenants and are doing everything in our power to support them'. That was enough for OFT.

OFT need to be brought to heel and forced to perform their duties adequately. CAMRA did the right thing with the supercomplaint in the first place and are doing the right thing now in robustly questioning OFT's outrageously inadequate response. The pressure is on OFT to deal with this properly, acknowledge past failures to fully understand the pub industry and review the market thoroughly. For the first time ever there is a body that can be trusted to offer fair, honest and authoritative evidence which exposes the true and shocking workings of the pub sector against the thick varnish that BBPA and their pubco paymasters trowel over it.

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