Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stephen - the postings read a lot like the other you suggest but this poster had a personal direct involvement with the Canning I think - anyway whoever it was the photographic project carries on:

Lunchtime today, about 1.30pm, seven people and one other left just as I arrived:

Also nine blackboards on the forecourt and several large printed banners.

Tonight, about 8.20pm, three people: one at the bar and two eating at a table:

There's a couple of closer up night pics showing the interior more clearly if you look around my flickr site. These pics lack personality. I mean people.

I heard, incidentally from a reliable source, that the pub has been closing early recently because of no custom.

The George Canning would make an excellent case study of a pub in the bosom of a big caring pubco. Professional journalists ought to be employed to cover it.

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