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OLawdy lawd almighty: For a chuckle and a bit of serendipitous hilarity see this bit of news about the George Canning on Enterprise Inns' own OFFICIAL WEBSITE:

" The George Steps Up to the Plate" 20/01/2010:

I made reference to the paid for reviews in my posts over the last few days. Southwark News is a decent enough local paper but they do not do reviews unless they are paid for through advertising.

It couldn't have been better timed.

This post replies to J Mark Dodds > Enterprise inns thread removed?

The George Steps Up to the Plate


The George Canning in South London has made a successful comeback following a modern makeover.

Everything from the food to the inclusive, cosy atmosphere has received glowing reports from locals since the iconic Camberwell pub reopened.

Its ability to cater for all has gone down particularly well, with menus satisfying breakfast, lunch and dinnertimes, and quiet corners providing comfort for those simply seeking a pint and a peruse of the papers.

It has also had its fair share of publicity in the local press. “There's a sense that a pillar in the community has returned and everyone is glad to have it back,” commented Southwark News’ Suzi Ring.

Here’s what a pub reporter had to say in a recent review:

(Excerpts from the Southwark News)

After putting on four stone over the Christmas I was thinking about New Year Resolutions and salads. After looking at the menu I was thinking about Pie of the Week! 

Before long, John arrived with the first courses. The mussels looked fresh and inviting, the soup creamy and warming. I started on the seafood, using some of The Toy's bread to dip in the mussel liquor, while she tucked in to the soup. After a while we swapped over.

The soup was a little thick for my own preference but had a good strong tomato and red pepper taste to it. Yum. The Toy said the mussels were close to perfect. I agreed.

John came for our empty plates and made more jokey banter. More people came in for drinks and it became quite busy for a cold Monday when everyone is skint after Christmas.

While I was there a good mix of people were enjoying their evening, with women outnumbering the men: women on their own with a book, women in pairs catching up over a Shiraz, a group of couples having dinner and two regular fellas just having a pint or three.

John was keen to point out that 'this is a pub that happens to do food, not a restaurant that sells drink'.

Our main courses hit the table. I had gone for the pie of the week – Chicken and Ham – with a mash and peas, while The Toy had been lured into the Pork Stroganoff special. My friend was right, the portions are massive.

The puff pastry lid on the pie was the size of a discus but with the lightness of a cloud, and the mash covered half the plate, towering like a range of mountains over the peas. The pie's insides were creamy and meaty. I could not have asked for more.

The Toy's Stroganoff was a mighty meal and I knew when it landed that there was no way this dear little thing could manage such a colossus, though she made a gallant effort.

Desserts were well and truly out of the question so we let our food go down with a little drink and a little conversation with our host.
John is like the Red Adair of landlords, he gets sent in as a troubleshooter, bringing business back, making pubs successful and helping customers enjoy themselves.

We spoke about pie-mash, The Colleen Bawn in Bermondsey that he used to run, pubs I knew in Bethnal Green, pubs that have closed, pubs that we both frequented, tax on beer, tax on fags, tax on petrol and basically did what you should do in pubs – have a drink or two and a good old natter.

If you can also have something good and filling to eat as well, without it breaking the bank, then we should all be happy.

For the full review, go to:,news,17030,185,00.htm

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