Monday, January 25, 2010

Ahem 'Zara' I did help Steve a bit at the Canning. I took a some time out of work and helped paint the interior before your company spent £140K making it look like the inside of a 1950's fridge - and a lot of other things besides which you know nothing about. If you'd taken more interest in the business you might be up to speed on that side of things. Like I bought a new Hoshizaki ice machine for the pub when his died - which had to be taken off your company's inventory.

Your N700 must be your pride and joy to get so het up as that. A big wig camera doesn't make a decent photographer - a good photographer is still good on a pinhole made out of cardboard and tin foil and you're not the one with a degree in photography are you? No - I am. And you're not the one who sells their images are you? No - that's me. My Nikon might not as big as yours but is undoubtedly a better tool in my hands than yours ever will be - I don't need to see your pics to know that much - that much can be deduced from your attitude and fragile ego. No wonder you're a pubco rep you must really get off on the bullying power it gives you on a plate.

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