Monday, January 25, 2010

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GEORGE CANNING is typical of thousands of other pubs.

You're too funny 6139 Anonymous. Been wondering who you are - so rejoice - you have some amount of recognition for YOUR obsession with the George Canning. I was just using it as an example - you started telling me I'm lying about it - which is a bit odd really, why should I say a place is quiet if it's busy - Huh? Guess at the outside you're a local who had a disagreement with Steve one night when you had too many shandies, or you work at the pub, or you work for Enterprise.

OK a stab in the dark: I'll plump for the latter and say you're Zara Hinds, Enterprise Inns' local fast track BDM extraordinaire - desperate for a win in a high profile situation (which you're making a little more high profile by the way). I do know that your bosses, Simon particularly, really want the Canning to work for them. You have a basket load of other pubs in your patch )as do all your colleagues across the UK) that are either up for assignment, let on TMA at peppercorn rent, are about to shut, or boarded up already. IT COULD BE YOOOUUHOOOO Zara couldn't it!

If it IS you, Zara, for heaven's sake get your grammar sorted out - it's impossible to decipher your meaning. Is the Nikon D700 YOURS or mine? I think it must be yours because I don't have one.

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J Mark Dodds 25/01/2010 10:01:48

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WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GEORGE CANNING is typical of thousands of other pubs.

Whooohooo so Zara you bought a nice big camera then? Was that with your end of year performance bonus for 2009? Do tell me: Using 'Manual' How do you get a balanced exposure taking a portrait in low light with the subject lit from behind? How do you get maximum depth of field in a close up shot using macro? How do you limit depth of field to capture action against a busy background? How do you process RAW files to get the best results from high files? etc etc etc.

My photographs sell through photo agencies and have sold well to collectors through exhibitions in London and in Chicago. I work to commission and last year had at least a dozen photographs published in the press. So far this year I've had the front page of one newspaper.

I have a feeling my holiday snaps might be slightly more interesting than yours - but hey, I'm not a Jealous Guy and if your pics are that good maybe you ought to consider jacking in your job with Enterprise and take up photography instead? A few lessons in comportment, attitude and exposing yourself the right way in public would not be amiss.

I know an appropriate finishing school in Peckham.

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