Saturday, January 30, 2010

OFT refuses to meet Mulholland

Fab. 'One Man Banned' trolls back to bring insight and balance to the forum - not that Roberts was ever away, just lurking in other guises as he does on the Publican as Colin Matlock, Delirious and other noms de guerre.

He's Out There with a demented delusional other world view accusing everyone except the pubcos of conspiracies, plots and self centred scenarios that don't exist. A lying, egotistical nutter who wouldn't have a voice or any impact, risible though it is, without the convenient anonymity of the cyber universe.

He particularly enjoys visiting open post pub guide sites where he can write dreadful reviews of pubs run by the anti tie people he's got in his myopic sights. See 'Roberta' 'Delerious' 'Chav-man' and no doubt other names he uses in his role as self appointed bitter arbiter of foul lies and invention...

At least, perhaps, his juvenile hobby of posting laughably ludicrous unfounded suppositions everywhere keeps him off the streets.

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