Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mark Daniels: The Beer Mitten

'Matlock' there you go again again again. So come on, admit to us all just how many of the other individual posters in these threads are you? Some of these threads populated by 'Matlock' read like the internal ramblings of some lunatic with dissociative identity disorder. "I'd never darken the doorstep of JDW"... "Really? I go there for breakfast all the time - when tied lessees are crying into their cereal instead of opening 18 hours a day and selling bacon and eggs to make a living"... "Oh but why would anyone want to open all hours when tied lessees are easily make a handsome living out of their pubs competing against the managed sector and JDWs?"... "I'm not sure I agree with myself on the last three comments on this thread"... "Smithers was that you or me posting that last comment I take issue with you on?"

You are totally disingenuous. No one has any obligation morally, factually, contractually, in any way whatsoever toward you or anyone like you with your anonymous and ludicrously off piste agenda.

Go fry your rotten eggs somewhere else instead of clogging up this forum with your anti anti everything gibberish.

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