Saturday, January 30, 2010

OFT refuses to meet Mulholland

Mis-INformer is NOT going to revise or rethink anything info man. That is not his job. He persistently pronounce absolute twaddle. He does NOT appear to be pontificating from experience - NO tied lessee I've EVER met has EVER had the kind of point of view about their pubco that Mis-Informer promotes - even those who manage to make a living out of their lease (generally prior to first rent review).

Everything Mis-Infomer says goes totally against the grain of general experience - and the results of specific wider research such as the damning findings of BESC. His postings such as 'blahblahblah the pubcos do nothing wrong it's a contract it's only a few people who made themselves high profile through these inconsequential pub trade forums (which are soooo inconsequential that pubco CEOs read them by the way; OH, and where else would people who stand up for the absolute rights of lessees to ply trade in a fair and level manner air their well founded and factually researched views - the National Knitter's Forum?).

Mis-Inf is totally disingenuous in his postings. Mis-Inf is A DENIER of basic factual reality. Taking these ramblings verbatim one would assume there is only a handful of tied lessees somewhat dissatisfied with their inequitous position - and they all deserve what they get because they are either failed or failing for reasons of their own incompetence... and nothing, nothing whatsoever to do with their freeholder's charging higher than free of tie rents and double free of tie supply prices. Taking what he says at face value there would be no need for pubcos to be announcing support packages, there would be no closed pubs, and there is no problem. Get Real Mis-Informer.

It completely stretches credibility for this poster to be appearing here from the experience of being a tied lessee. Prove you are a tied licensee Mis-Informer or shut up.

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