Friday, January 29, 2010

Marstons managed sector sees like-for-likes up 1.5%

Pubcos are reporting as best they can to impress the Business and Enterprise Select Committee in advance of the late publication of its findings. BBPA's timing of publication of their flimsy 'Framework Code of Practice for Tied Tenants and Leased Pubs' encouraged the Committee to delay the conclusion of their findings and stimulated a rash of tortured interpretations of current pubco practices attempting to prove that the tied sector is robust. They cannot do so because the recession has exposed the many weaknesses of the model.

The tied sector is squeaking; it is not well enough oiled.

Look at the changed Enterprise website where "Code of Practice & Guide to Applying " now takes pride of place over all other headings when it comes to attracting people to their properties and their onerous 'partnership' arrangements.

The horse bolted quite a while ago Ted and Simon, or hadn't you noticed? Seven people in at 2.05pm lunchtime today at The George Canning guys. Some for the £4.95 crunch lunch for sure but two of them just nibbled on Nobby's Nuts.

Couldn't get there Friday evening, childcare duties - sadly I feel I've let the side of balance and fairness down - which I'm sure will be much busier than I've been able to record so far. Heard some good reports from locals - on the level of it being a posh cafe or a place for builders to live it up in.

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