Saturday, January 30, 2010

RE: Marstons managed sector sees like-for-likes up 1.5%

Why bother Mark. You are setting him or her to come back with the response that employed managers and head office marketeers are better at running pubs than tenant publicans. Can't see where that would get you.

This post replies to J Mark Dodds

Well actually Sam the lie of the industry is that 'entrepreneurial self employed' lessees are more able to run a business efficiently than are managers with organised training schemes and strong central office and regional management support - because they have more at stake and will create efficiencies the managed estates cannot hope to meet. See the reasons laid down by late comers to the conversion to tied leases such as Thwaites' ops director for their selling off managed pubs to the leased sector.

It's all rubbish. Individuals cannot possibly achieve economies equivalent to those of managed estates. They are only able to keep in the game by working their socks off doing hours double those of salaried managers.

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