Friday, December 11, 2009

@Chris Roberts. So you're posting as 'yourself' now - whoever you might be - do you think this gives 'you' more credibility? You have been repeatedly banned from trade forums for your abuse of their rules and for generally deliberate disruption of rational discussion. You deservedly have no standing in this arena and coming back always to try to discredit Fair Pint members is something of a deep personal problem you have that only you can address - since your obsession goes way further than anyone else can fathom.

What I've said stands and nothing you're putting around makes any difference to that. You are wrong and no matter how many times you keep reiterating what you say about Fair Pint, and me particular, you cannot alter the truth.

To take your mission further, please, please do try to discredit me and Fair Pint more - please do publish whatever you like, wherever you like - why not publish all our private correspondence and let other, more rational people than you, be the judge of who's vituperative, wrong minded, attacking and all the rest.

The widespread abuses that are so evident in the trade have been going on for so long that there is NO EXCUSE for anyone involved in it to not have woken up to it by now. Anyone who tries to make out there's not endemic problems of abuse by pubcos toward lessees deserve to be pointed out and exposed for their denial of totally unacceptable business practices by bean counters who earn more in a year for their position of power than most lessees will earn in a lifetime.

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