Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's a bit rich that Illesley should come out attacking Fair Pint in the context of a discussion about factual intimidation of MPs by pubcos when in reality Illsley discredited himself all on his little ownsome by telling FLVA that the All Party Parliamentary Save the Pub Group was focusing too much on pubcos and not enough on tax and duty issues.

Considering he's vice chair of the group (see EDM 715 it looked at the time of his speech that he was denouncing his own body's raison d'etre and look like he had his foot firmly in someone else's camp rather than Greg Mulholland's.

It is now well broadcast that both Greg Mulholland and Peter Luff have been threatened with litigation over things they have said in reference to pubco activities. This was the context of the discussion last evening when Illesley came out with his accusation against Fair Pint and it was inept, disingenuous and inappropriate moment in the extreme for Illsely to draw comparison between Fair Pint and pubcos by accusing us of using the same tactics.

The most outrageous thing anyone at Fair Pint has done is point out inconsistencies in others' behaviour. Fair Pint has never attempted to silence debate or opposition to our views that the tie must end.

Illsely was being over sensitive and egotistical to believe that Fair Pint would attempt to discredit him when he's so good at doing it himself - as his silly outburst last night proved.

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