Friday, December 11, 2009

If you missed BBC Inside Out London's piece on pub closures, watch it here now

Mike Coleman - you really need to get a grip. Are you a member of the Flat Earth Society or something? No television production company or broadcaster will risk, as you put it, showing a 'thoroughly distorted and dishonest view' about anything, not even about humane slug traps without legal department verification that it's not liable to fall foul of a libel suit... You can't get a television journalist to say boo to a goose unless the boo has been checked by lawyers and given the go ahead. This programme is the most incisive and accurate distillation that has ever been put together about the relationship between pubcos and their tenants. If BBC isn't sued over it you can guarantee it's ALL TRUE. Come to think of it what do you think is so dishonest and distorted about it? It all rang perfectly true to me. You must have been under a pubco stone for too long - like all the other slugs.

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