Saturday, November 07, 2009

These monikers are some used here by the 'weekend poster' someone who once posted under the alias 'Chris Roberts': David Simpson / Steve Norton / Colin Matlock / Rachael Barnes / JSA Corbett / Mark Ponsonby Smythe / Carpe Jugulum / El Nino's Wet Dream / George Benson / Brian Hayley / Steve Corbett / Delerious /

No doubt he has used other monikers as well; these are names I picked up by running back through the many offensive PMs this person has sent me. Other Fair Pint members have been sent many abusive, offensive and threatening messages and emails to our real email addresses by this 'person', as has Inez Ward,

What exactly is the 'weekend poster's' agenda? He recently attacked Steve Corbett, saying he's a serial 'churner' of pubs which I know, factually, to be a complete lie. This is the ONLY poster who attacks anyone who has an argument against the tie and the way it has been abused.

This person attempts at best to appear as devil's advocate for arguments and evidence against the workings of the tied pub sector industry and at worst just as an abusive disruptor of forums.

Why? He is a self confessed beneficiary of a large sum of money he received under Non Disclosure Agreement with Enterprise Inns. He has volunteered this on the forum here and in PMs to me said he has bought two expensive motorbikes and intends to buy a 'nice little freehold pub' with the proceeds.

No one who I've discussions with about this poster knows who he is or can fathom the sub agenda other than to deduce that he is likely a paid undercover agent provocateur for the pubcos.

What other motivation, other than mental illness, can there be for such obsessive behaviour that draws him back week after week to divert and disrupt rational debate?

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