Saturday, November 07, 2009

CAMRA to challenge OFT pub ruling

CAMRA deserve recognition for having caught up with the nitty gritty of the calamitous state of the pub industry in the UK and its root causes. It is right they should take this approach to OFT which has done the consumer a serious disservice here, as many times before, with impunity.

Your flippant analogy would have worked better to compare OFT with the Beano club Sam. OFT deserves to get a hard sharp slapping for publishing and promoting such nonsense as the CAMRA supercomplaint reaction, which they simply did not take seriously. OFT is supposed to be an unbiased overarching authority - which clearly it is not... Simon Williams' MA interview script might as well have been written by BBPA for all the insight and grasp of the pub market he displayed.

OFT is remote, aloof and completely adrift of what happens with markets generally. They clearly take evidence from the biggest players in a market as having more weight than the testament of the rest combined. They do not do their job properly, simple as that, and they need to be brought to account for once.

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