Thursday, November 05, 2009

RE: BBPA pub code: offering greater clarity

Another way of looking at the answers to these 14 questions is like this.

1) No.

2) No.

3) The code enshrines things that were ignored in 2004 and we expect that to continue.

4) They won't.

5) Hardly, since it won't be worth the paper it's written on in the first place.

6) We'll ask them nicely, once in a while, if they are following the code and if they say 'yes' we'll believe them.

7) They must be able to prove their bank account has not been frozen before signing any lease and that they can read and write cheques and direct debit mandates.

8) Plethora? BBPA, BII and FLVA ARE the plethora ergo there is no plethora.

9) Nobody is forced to sign a tied lease, thus it has always been and so it shall always be enshrined in the process going forwards.

10) Future amendments will be agreed by the people who agreed the codes so there will be no need to be concerned about inappropriate changes happening without the consent of the people who wrote the codes in the open and transparent way these people have become known for being perspicacious and easy to see through.

11) As explained above, there is the usual redress if the code is breached, and the BII and the BBPA in particular will see it in the industry’s best interests to ensure that any problems arising are resolved quickly and effectively - as they are now and have been historically.

12) Companies not bound by the code and not members of BBPA will not be bound by the code but tenants are always free to apply pressure on non members through their local newspapers.

13) That is up to individual companies and tenants to work out between them.

14) There will be an effective mechanism that doesn't work.

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