Saturday, November 07, 2009

Timely this, just before I go to unblock the toilets at my pub, here is an email from this poster I just picked up from my work address:

"what a witless, arrogant little **** you are Dodds." (ahem, for those of you curious to know, that word is a colloquial name given to part of the female anatomy)

"You could write what you know about running a pub on the back of a fag paper with a 2" paint brush. . You run a disgusting , filthy **** hole and before long environmental health will shut you down. Now there's a thought. I did read of someone importing a bag load of cockroaches to a place once. You can just call them 'family'."

The Sun and Doves has had three 'scores on the doors' stars since the scheme, which we voluntarily signed up to, first ran as a pilot in Lambeth.

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