Saturday, November 07, 2009

For public record. Must have touched a nerve somewhere in the depths of the depravity of the Robert's fantasies. These emails just came from the Yuku couple:

1) "I take no notice of the pub trade these days, as yuku did its job for those who mattered. I will, having read your latest fantasies regarding Chris, remind you that yuku did what FairPint had no interest in doing - we researched the abuses in the trade and advised people how to avoid the pitfalls set by pubcos.

All you have achieved, Mark, is alienation from honest people like myself and you did it by one simple act - you refused to abide by the law and any code of ethics when you made the statement that FairPint accounts of donations were none of anyone's business. Had FairPint actually been as you and your associates wished it to seem, there would have been no quarrel between us. Research has shown me beyond doubt that the FP agenda was never what you sold it as and Karl Harrison had a less-than-philanthropic reason for investing his money in so much PR with so little result for those grassroots members in dire need of help and advice.

I don't need your good opinion and you certainly do not have mine but the difference between us and you is that we have nothing of which to be ashamed as we worked damned hard for no gain to save people from losing their livelihoods. I heard that Corbett lost his pub anyway and feel no sympathy as he, like you, hoped to ride Harrison's coattails for some gain. We knew that from the barrage of drunken abusive texts to both Chris' and my cellphones, sent by Corbett at all hours - texts which only ceased when I advised him that I had logged a CRN with our local police.

I suggest that instead of burbling on about matters of which you know nothing and somehow forgetting that you yourself have multiple accounts on pub fora which you ludicrously state are in part those of your 9-year-old son, you confine yourself to facts and at least try to appear rational before you become another Corbett.

Any reply will not be read; I have better things to do than engage with you.

S Roberts."

2) "Oh you are Soooooooo FUNNY !!!
Hopefully Sair will recover from her mirthful apoplepsy in time for dinner.

GREAT to see old Sam hasn't lost her touch in destroying you and the rest of the loonies."

3) "If a referee was watching your 'exchange' with Sam he'd stop the fight !
You really ARE as thick a pig shit.

EXCELLENT that she knows EXACTLY how to handle your Messiah complex, soooooooo funny to watch. Tears on your pillow tonight I'll bet."

4) "Oh dear oh dear Doodie, (as in a pieceofshit) you get funnier by the DAY !

"likely a paid undercover agent provocateur for the pubcos" *GUFFAW* !!!!

NOwankstain, I expose you for the CROOK you are because I can and the
evidence against you is totally overwhelming. Simple really.

"and in PMs to me said he has bought two expensive motorbikes"
Not at all idiot, what I own is what I OWNED and an A4 is hardly 'expensive' even to a bitter little man who lashed out on a new Blackberry and a plastic skeleton without saying WHO paid for them."

5) "ThankFUCKfor that !!Â
Maybe now people who donate their hard earned MIGHT just see you useless bunchofcuntsactually DO something constructive."

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