Saturday, November 07, 2009

Thank you for sharing your thoughts 'Chris'. This embarrassing obsessive display of monumental ineptitude is truly, really amazing. I can't really believe you rise to the challenge, of your own imagining, of trying to justify your bizarre twisted position... Your postings above sound like steam's coming out of your ears and your eyes have popped out onto your cheeks... where ARE you coming from?

The latest PM from this balanced, honest and rational poster (as 'Chris Roberts' this time):

"Dodds, you really are dumber than I thought you were to post so many ridiculous lies about me, I'm more than happy to settle your trash once and for all. No-one realy believes you any more save for the few sycophants you continue to deceive."

Why not come to London and visit my "shithole" pub (, try carrying out the various physical threats you've angled at me and have done with it? And while you're about carrying out those pointless acts try proving all the silly frauds and other libels you angle at me too... YOU cannot because you made them all up yourself.

Breathtakingly silly.

Chris Roberts, IF that is your real name, you are nothing more or less than a stale old fruitcake and if David Simpson is not you just explain all these others: Steve Norton / Colin Matlock / Rachael Barnes / JSA Corbett / Mark Ponsonby Smythe / Carpe Jugulum / El Nino's Wet Dream / George Benson / Brian Hayley / Steve Corbett / Delirious.

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